Croatia – it may be secluded, but it is quite beautiful

True story. One of my favorite things to do is read the Google Search terms that get people to my blog or website. There are always gems in there. Like this (an actual Google keyword search to this blog):

i am from croatia, if you know where it is, i kinda always assume people never heard of it, cause it’s pretty irrelevant and secluded, but quite beautiful

It’s an odd (and long!) search term, sure. But I wanted to let the seeker know that I have heard of Croatia, and I do think it’s a little secluded. I also have been to Croatia and agree with the “quite beautiful” assessment.

It’s funny because me and Croatia? We go way back.

Kaptol street in Zagreb

Kaptol street in Zagreb

When I was younger I had a pen pal in Croatia (remember pen pals?). This was in the 90s and that young boy must have thought I was the most oblivious American ever – I had no clue his country was being ravaged by war. But it was, and meanwhile Stephanie was writing to him about who knows what (basketball? my friends? school?) while this young chap was most likely (although hopefully not!) dodging land mines on his way home from school.

I’ve only been to Zagreb, which is Croatia’s capital, but I was charmed like crazy by that place. And the seafood? Delicious. As a child in the 90s I could have never imagined that I would travel to Croatia one day, but I did, and I want to go back. To Dubrovnik. To have more seafood. And to see more of the beauty.


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4 responses to “Croatia – it may be secluded, but it is quite beautiful”

  1. Bol Croatia says :

    Zagreb is wonderful, but on your next trip you should definitely check out Croatian coast. You mentioned Dubrovnik, I also recommend Makarska, Split and islands Hvar, Brac and Mljet.

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