Six Months: What I’ve Learned

Happy Half Birthday to the SY Ciphers blog! This seems like an appropriate time to look back and see where this blog has been and where it is going.

If you find yourself thinking, well, this is definitely a travel blog – I’d have to agree. It’s turned out that way, hasn’t it?

What better way to celebrate a half birthday than with a cupcake picture?

What better way to celebrate a blog half birthday than with a cupcake picture?

But let me point out that the debut of this blog coincided with one of the busiest international travel periods of my life. In fact, in the past year I’ve been on three overseas trips visiting Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, the Netherlands and the UAE.

It’s understandable that the focus of my blog would be traveling. That’s been my life lately.

My fingers are crossed that the international traveling will not subside, but in case it does I want to point out that going forward this blog will be more than travel. I’m still in love with Frederick. I read like crazy. I’m still a journalist reporting on health care mainly at the moment. I miss my home state of Louisiana every day. And I still have an insatiable curiosity (plus a notebook and pen always on hand).

Thank you for reading and liking and commenting. If there’s anything you’d like to see more (or less) of, tell me in the comments.


About Stephanie Y.

I'm a professional news writer in Frederick, Maryland. I blog at S.Y. Ciphers.

6 responses to “Six Months: What I’ve Learned”

  1. Sharon says :

    I enjoy reading your blog – whatever you write about. We miss you everyday here in Louisiana too. 🙂

  2. mollystrz says :

    A) I want that cupcake
    2) I agree with Sharon, I love reading whatever you write about! It always makes me think and ponder.
    III) Hear, hear!, on the international travel. Or travel in general. I can’t get enough of it.

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