Journo Update: What I’ve been writing

I’ve had a few articles published recently that I want to share.

Frederick Gorilla April May IssueFirst up is my cover story “Dropout Docs” in Frederick Gorilla magazine. I was so happy to get this assignment from the editor about the trend of physicians leaving private practice to work for hospitals or large physician-owned practices. As is almost always the case I learned a lot of interesting tidbits about the topic. The most memorable to me was the fact that hospitals (in most cases) don’t want to employ physicians, but are doing so out of necessity. Read the article here.

As a sidebar for the Dropout Docs article, I also wrote about the trend of Concierge Medicine. Physicians are starting to use a new model of practice where they charge patients a yearly fee to have more access and more services available than is typically covered by health insurance. Read the sidebar here.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to interview and write about an Olympian and a medaled Paralympian. You probably don’t know it, but I am a huge Olympics fan nerd, so this was a big deal to me.

The Olympian is now an occupational therapist who started a program for wounded veterans helping them to turn to sports and recreation to heal. Read that article here.

I wrote a Q&A for OT Practice magazine about a Paralympian who is also an occupational therapist. She won two bronze medals at the Paralympic games in London last year, and we chatted about how she trains, juggles all of her responsibilities and how she inspires other people with disabilities to participate in competitive sports. Read it here.

If you’re curious about other articles I’ve written, check out the clips on my webpage.


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