Picture + 100 Words: Meet the Worthingtons

The Worthingtons used to live here. I imagine them sipping iced tea (or something stronger) on a swing on that porch. Or sitting on a picnic blanket from just this vantage point so they can see their stately home and the mountains in the background. They probably said yes ma’am, no sir, and y’all. And they probably called every woman “Miss.” I won’t lie. I love the South. Even if this is just a couple dozen miles from the Mason Dixon line. The Worthington home, in Frederick, Maryland, is definitely the South.


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About Stephanie Y.

I'm a professional news writer in Frederick, Maryland. I blog at S.Y. Ciphers.

2 responses to “Picture + 100 Words: Meet the Worthingtons”

  1. Sharon says :

    What a great homesite. It is always so exciting to me to see mountains in the background. We live in such a flat area of the country it always excites me to see any elevation. You’re right about the charm of the south but the politics- that’s another story! I’m still trying to adjust to that after 31 years! Did you hear our dear Edwin had another baby boy last week at 80?

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