A Trip to Storyville Left Me Nostalgic

Sometimes I get terribly homesick. It usually comes out of nowhere. I can be preoccupied with a litany of tasks and then, bam! I’m pining for home.

I had the fortune of being born and raised in a place with culture and history – South Louisiana. Add to that the food, the friendliness, the witticisms and just about my entire family and you can see why I know what it means to miss New Orleans.

A fresh bout of homesickness swept over me yesterday while browsing the Storyville website. My husband and I both have t-shirts from them (thanks to my sister) and every time I hear their name I think of Storyland in City Park (aka coolest place on the planet).

Whether you’re from Louisiana, a fan of it, or not I wanted to share a few of their shirts (click the images to buy the shirts!).

I don’t know what high school dances are like in other parts of the country, but in the NOLA area they are king. NOLA is a breeding ground for rap music suitable to dancing like a fool. It’s no wonder we have a raucous, writhing good time at dances. I have a tip for aspiring rap stars – make a song about NOLA high schools and come up with a few accompanying dance moves. Do this and you’re golden. Every high school in the area will play your song. Girls will woot when it comes on and, a decade or so later, your song will still be played at the receptions of dainty little North Shore weddings. I promise. When I saw this Storyville shirt, the high school dance memories flooded in. “What’s the name of your school?”

As a kid I loved going to the Audubon Zoo. We rode on the backs of elephants (totally would not fly these days), we gaped at the white alligator, and the whole time this song was stuck in our heads. (What other zoo has a song about it?). That’s why this shirt is awesome.


For non-NOLA people, Drew Brees is the quarterback [and/or the messiah] for the New Orleans Saints.

Just about the worst time of the year to do anything in Louisiana is summer. The heat and humidity are beyond oppressive. Yet, so many couples get married then. Why? Well, this shirt sums it up nicely. The seasons of Louisiana mean that you can’t get married in the fall and winter (there’s LSU football), you can’t get married during Lent (a bunch of us are Catholic), so you’re really only left with summer.


Side note: So excited about LSU football.

Sometimes it takes moving away from a place to truly appreciate its uniqueness. One thing that I love discovering/remembering are all the little sayings that are definitively New Orleans. “How’s your mom and them?” “Making groceries.” And when you want to get out of the car you say, “Want to get down?” This shirt shows yet another one of those NOLA quips.


Yeah you right!

Today I just want to say thank you to Storyville for the trip down memory lane. Now I need to figure out which shirt I’m going to buy next…


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I'm a professional news writer in Frederick, Maryland. I blog at S.Y. Ciphers.

5 responses to “A Trip to Storyville Left Me Nostalgic”

  1. Katherine Hoffman says :

    I did not mean to make you homesick. But I am glad you found some shirts you like. I really like the I’m from uptown shirt too, it just makes me want to dance.

    • Stephanie Y. says :

      It’s not your fault! Well… not entirely. 🙂 Did you click through to the DJ Jubilee dance move page? I have to say, I always thought the “My Boy Anky” was a hammer… not pounding someone’s face!!

  2. Liz says :

    Love this post! I do believe “what’s the name of your school” helped Mallory go into labor at your brothers wedding! And for the record I had 3- catholic, nsu and lsu. Whoop! 😉

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