Frederick is Like Europe: Celebrate an Authentic Holiday

Last year’s Thanksgiving was a bit strange.

We were in Munich.

We ate pork knuckles and sauerkraut washed down with large glasses of German wheat beer.

Although no one else at the restaurant was celebrating America’s Thanksgiving, there was a general festive attitude among the diners and throughout the city.

You see, right around Thanksgiving is when Advent starts. And in Europe, Advent is a huge deal.


Advent in Salzburg

I was not aware of this until I saw it in person last year. In Munich, Salzburg and Zagreb the advent markts were going in full force.

Love the lights, moon, locks, everything

Salzach River and Salzburg looking beautiful.

I’m sure the holidays in Europe get just as commercialized as here in the states, but as an outsider it felt different. It felt authentic.

As you prepare for Thanksgiving (and perhaps for the start of Advent on Sunday), try not to let all the Black Friday news and sales and commercialism get you down.

If you live in (or near) Frederick, Maryland you have several ways to do that:

  • Head to downtown Frederick on Friday and, instead of Black Friday, celebrate Frosty Friday. Free hot cocoa, Santa Claus, carriage rides – what’s not to like?
  • Next weekend, head back to downtown Frederick and make your way to the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s ChristKindleMarkt. From December 6 to 8, enjoy German music, traditional market food (like bratwursts!), and handmade Christmas gifts. It will be like I’m back in Europe.
DSC_1696 copy

One year I opened my front door and this was sleigh bells ringing right down my street in Frederick’s historic downtown.


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