7 Gifts for a Print Journalist

Thanks to my Web editor job, I’ve been dabbling with podcasts the past couple of months. From a recommendation of a JAWS member (Journalism & Women’s Symposium), I found Transom.org, which is a treasure trove of audio/radio/podcast resources.

On a Transom post about the best gear for radio journos, they asked, “what do writers obsess about…pencils?”

I answered, no, it’s pens. We obsess about pens.

Then it got me thinking about the other gear that print journos obsess about so I decided to put together a list (that could also be used as a gift guide for the print journalist in your life):


1) Pens – You’ll have to ask (or look in their bag) to figure out their favorite pen, but I can’t be without a Bic 537R 0.5 on my person. Amazon link.

2) Notebooks – Can’t believe it took me so long to get moleskine in my life. Moleskine Classic Notebook, Large, Ruled, Black, Hard Cover.

3) Voice recorder – Can’t really function without one.

4) Gift card to favorite coffee shop – this is my guide, so my favorite coffee shop in Frederick is most definitely Cafe Nola.

5) Notepad with tear-off sheets. I love this Rifle Paper Co. Lined Paper Notepad.

6) Elements of Style (illustrated) – Strunk / White / Kalman. Solid writing and grammar advice in a beautiful-to-browse edition.

7) Membership to journalism associations. SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists), JAWS (Journalism & Women’s Symposium), ONA (Online News Association). One or all – support and invest in their career!

Are you a print journalist? What else is on your list?


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I'm a professional news writer in Frederick, Maryland. I blog at S.Y. Ciphers.

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