Travel in 2013 & Five Pictures

If you’ve read the blog for a while, you’ll know that I love to travel.

One of the coolest apps I downloaded in 2013 was the TripIt app. If you don’t already use it, and you travel at all, it’s worth a download. Any time you make a flight or hotel reservation, you send it to the app and then you have all the trip details in one central place – confirmation codes, rates you agreed to pay for the hotels, etc. It’s really handy.

One other cool feature? It collects your traveling stats. I was floored to see my 2013 travel stats:

Number of Trips: 7
Days spent traveling: 42
Distance traveled: 50,884 mi
Cities visited: 13
Countries visited: 5

Admittedly I didn’t have the app in previous years to make comparisons, but I was pretty surprised to see 50,000 miles traveled (going to Dubia will do that to you). The countries number is less impressive, but here are five pictures from the five countries I visited in 2013.

1) UAE

Burj Khalifa

2) Netherlands

2013-02-02 11.41.43

3) Wales

Beddgelert hotel, Bryn Eglwys, in Snowdonia National Park

4) England


5) U.S. (Seattle)

2013-10-12 08.55.00

Happy New Year and happy traveling in 2014!


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