The Refuge of the Introvert: Stop tweeting, start talking

Thanks to a friend (Adrienne Lawrence) I had the opportunity to attend an event for journalists and bloggers today. As a kickoff to Frederick’s Restaurant Week, 15 bloggers/journos are invited to a sneak peek tasting of the participating restaurants’ menus.

Once I was at home, stuffed and happy, I put on my journalist hat and asked, “what’s the story?”

Sure I could write about the Monocacy Brewing company’s beer, the Bushwallers menu that is much more than pot roast and chicken wings, the exquisite experience that is Firestone’s Tavern, or the “room full of kittens” of the Wine Kitchen’s oddball Chardonnay description. (Don’t you worry – I just might write about those things in future posts).

All of those things could be a story, but what was my story?

I’m sure you all have experienced it. You go to an event expecting to meet people and you quickly realize that everyone else is here to tweet about being at the event. The phone is snapping pictures, the face is illuminated by the screen as the person taps and swipes and posts, posts, posts.

2014-02-08 16.32.35

Full disclosure: I was 100% certain that this event would be just like that.

Of course we took pictures of the food. Of course we sneaked in a tweet here and there. But I was pleasantly surprised when the five people in my group spent the majority of our time talking. And laughing.

We talked about the food and wine we were tasting. We talked about our work. We talked about gardens, nutria rats, and why there isn’t a grocery store in Downtown Frederick.

It got me thinking. Has the pendulum swung back? Are we finally to the point where we realize the phone is the refuge of the introvert and that to truly network we need to, well, talk face to face.

Or maybe my group was a fluke.

2014-02-08 16.29.13

I’m so meta. That’s a notebook and pen on the table.

I hope not. And I hope that it’s something I continue to encounter at future events.

I know that I, for one, will try to stop tweeting and start talking.


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