Where is the World’s Best Beach?

Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park. Big Sur, California

You’d think this would be a world’s best beach contender. Waterfall on a beach secluded by rocks and trees.

But then you realize the Pacific is freaking cold and no one would swim in it without a wet suit. No longer a best beach in the world contender in my book.

This seems to be a common problem. Beautiful beaches, freezing water. I have so many pictures of us on a beach in jackets. In the summer. Freezing cold.

Beachy Head in England. English Channel. Cold.
Bogdan's verdict? The English Channel is cold.

Nazere, Portugal. Surrounded by cliffs and populated with old woman in black petticoats. Atlantic Ocean? Too cool for swimming.

Porthdinllaen: Stunning fishing village in Wales only accessible when the tides allow and only by foot. Irish Sea. Not going swimming today. Porthdinllaen

Sand Dollar Beach. Watsonville, California. Highway 1 is probably the most memorable drive I’ve been on. But the Pacific Ocean? Swimming is not gonna happen.DSC_2914br

Bamburgh Castle in England. What a view! Waterfront property but swimming discouraged. North Sea.DSC_0491

Nerja, Spain. Coast del Sol. Sure there’s sun. And lots of naked Germans. But the Alboran Sea? A quick and frigid dip will suffice.
Near Nerja

Isle of Skye, Scotland. Looks like a photograph of a tropical island. Toes in water last a few seconds max.
Doesn't it look like the Caribbean?

The elusive best beach with decent water temperature. It’s on my travel wish list.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been on beaches where swimming is optimal. Puerto Rico. Florida. Hawaii. Dubai (in January). But I’ve yet to find that beach that matches the stunning scenery of the above photos with ‘dive right in’ water temperatures.

But I will find it. And I will swim until my fingers and toes get pruney. And then I’ll snap a photo and post it here. And we will all be the wiser.


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I'm a professional news writer in Frederick, Maryland. I blog at S.Y. Ciphers.

2 responses to “Where is the World’s Best Beach?”

  1. Katherine says :

    Have you seen pictures from The Weinnigs trip to Costa Rica after Christmas…. I think this might be one you need to try 🙂 http://instagram.com/p/ib4HuQEUPy/

    • Stephanie Y. says :

      I can’t see that picture (maybe they have a private IG account?), but you’re probably right! Costa Rica would be a great place to search for the best beach.

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