New in Frederick: Lunch, Dinner, Dessert

It should come as no surprise that I love living in Frederick, MD. Recently quite a few new places have opened downtown, and I wanted to share just a few of them with you.

Doner Bistro
It seems like everything is closing on Carroll Creek (which bums me out) – Lunch Box is gone, Ben & Jerry’s packed up, and Five Guys has been closed for a while. In better creek news, however, a unique place called Doner Bistro recently took over the old Five Guys location. There are a few other franchises in the area (like one in Leesburg). Basically it’s a German place. But! Their specialty is actually Turkish. What? Well apparently in Germany, Turkish street food is widely popular. Doner Bistro brings you both Turkish (think kebab) and German (think bratwurst). The people who work there are so friendly and the food we tried was delicious (bratwurst and currywurst). We also enjoyed the Weihenstephaner Wheat Beer. It’s an order at the counter and wait for your food type of place, which is just the casual type lunch place my husband and I have been wanting for Downtown Frederick.

Taking over the former Shab Row Bistro location, this pizza restaurant is a welcomed addition to downtown. There were a few places where you could get pizza downtown before, but no one who was specializing in it. Enter Pistarros. The problem? It’s way too close to my home. I’ve ordered pizza to go a couple of times already and have been pleased with the Neapoletan-style pies. My second time there the tomato sauce could have used a bit more seasoning, but overall it’s got a lot of potential.

Pro tip: if it’s a beautiful day outside and the limited patio seating is taken or you’d rather not sit and have table service, order a pizza to go and picnic at the next door Third Street Park.

Cakes to Die For
The one definitely winning in the branding category is the newest bakery downtown – Cakes to Die For. And, yes, the branding includes skulls and crossbones (LOVE!). Specializing in cakes (hence the name) this shop also has cinnamon rolls, croissants, lemon bars (below), pies, etc. I’ve only tried the lemon bar but I’m excited to test out the other treats. The prices are super resonable and the space on Market Street is not only a prime location but it’s filled with natural light and has some trendy goth-chic decor. If she added an espresso machine and wifi I’d spend my telecommute mornings right there! (Hint, hint) (Nudge, nudge).



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2 responses to “New in Frederick: Lunch, Dinner, Dessert”

  1. Invisible Ink says :

    I just moved to Frederick a month ago, so thanks for the tips on where to find some good new local grub! P.S. Moving to Frederick has been the best choice ever, I am in LOVE with it!

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