This (Digital) Journalist’s Favorite Web Tools

One of my favorite parts of being a web editor is the fact that I get paid to play with new web tools.

(Fun to imagine what teenaged Stephanie – who totally nerded out on web stuff – would have thought about her future career).

I’ve written about the many verbs of my job before, and just a year later I have quite a few I could add to that list.

I have been playing with video editing ever since my mom and dad got me my very own camcorder on Black Friday way back when. Prior to that I was using dad’s, and I don’t think he was crazy about the idea. (I don’t blame him – we videoed things like music videos of my friends dancing in fountains in high school. Lot of opportunities for wet, broken camcorders there). I edited all kinds of video – our very own episode of Survivor deep in the woods near Pelican Park, our strange encounters with tourists on Bourbon Street, our music videos of course, and so many more.

When I had the opportunity to edit a video for work, I jumped on it. I also turned to a new-to-me tool called Animoto for some assistance. I heard about Animoto during a presentation by Beth Ziesenis. Using the business pro version (a measly $39.99 a month) I created this video.

I shared the video with Beth, who liked it so much she also shared it on her blog. (Thanks, Beth!)

I also have been dabbling in podcasts the past year. With some trial and error (and attempting to find the best way to record audio with no budget for microphones or audio editing software), a colleague and I have produced a handful of episodes. (We’ve been using Audacity, which is free). The most recent one is my personal favorite. It’s about a woman who is using surfing to help veterans with PTSD and depression.

Transcript here.

In addition to videos and podcasts, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of cool things with our social media team. It was really gratifying to see all of our work featured in one post on Social Fish recently.

Want to see what other tools and apps I use as a web editor? You’re in luck! You can come to the Journalism and Women’s Symposium’s conference (called JAWS Camp) in Palm Springs on October 31 to November 2 and attend my session on my top 10 apps for journalists.


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