Picture + 100 Words: The (Not a) Stroll Up Mount Beacon

Mount beacon summit view of hudson valley

They said: “This trail is perfect for those who just want an easy stroll through the woods.” We said, that’s great! Let’s go right after lunch! So we headed to Mount Beacon park in the Hudson Valley ready for a stroll. But it’s not a stroll. No, we climbed 1,000 feet in 1 mile. The gradient of this hike starts at an easy 6%, then 9%, and less than a quarter mile in you’re up to 20-29% the rest of the way. This is the view from the top, which was lovely, but this is no stroll through the woods.


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About Stephanie Y.

I'm a professional news writer in Frederick, Maryland. I blog at S.Y. Ciphers.

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