Fast Casual Frederick: Two to Try in Downtown

If there’s one thing we could use more of in Downtown Frederick, it’s fast casual restaurants.

What’s fast casual? It’s higher quality food (than fast food), but without table service. There are a good amount of lunch choices Downtown, but most of them have table service. That means longer and more expensive lunches.

I wrote about Doner Bistro last year, which is a fast casual restaurant on Carroll Creek. Recently a new comer opened on East Patrick Street – Rex’s Downtown Grill.

Rex’s prides itself on burgers and wings, but it’s also got a variety of healthier options like chicken sandwiches and salads.

See? Great people watching opportunities in these bar seats.

See? Great people watching opportunities in these bar seats.

Located next to Little’s Furniture, the space was completely gutted and renovated. The decor is industrial chic with a lot of natural light. Don’t miss the upstairs seating, which has even more light and lots of tables. The bar that lines the Patrick Street windows at the front of the space offers prime people-watching opportunities (although, be warned, you’ll probably be watched by the folks on the outside as well).

Order at the counter and pick a table to wait for your food. We were there on a Saturday right after it had opened and our food took a long time, but that’s excusable. I had a burger, which was good, and sweet potato fries, which could have been crisper. My husband had bratwurst, which he said was good but not as good as Doner.

We really liked the space and atmosphere, so we’ll definitely go back again to try some more things on the menu.

The second fast casual to try in downtown Frederick is That Hummus Place. We had passed by the lime green building on South Market (between South Street and All Saints) many times, but never stopped to try it. Recently we had a craving for eggplant and headed there for lunch – I’m so glad we did.

It’s a completely vegetarian restaurant with a middle eastern flare.  We always get the hummus and eggplant pita sandwich, which can satisfy even the hungriest carnivores. The staff is friendly and the food is very fresh. I highly recommend it.

What are your favorite fast casual restaurants in downtown Frederick?


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3 responses to “Fast Casual Frederick: Two to Try in Downtown”

  1. Jerswir Jerswir says :

    My wife and I love South Market Sandwich Company. Its located across the street from That Hummus Place.

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