Eight (more) Reasons Frederick Is Just Like Stars Hollow

You guys. I’m so excited that Netflix confirmed it will be producing four new episodes of Gilmore Girls. In honor of that, here are eight more reasons why my city, Frederick, Maryland, is a town just like Stars Hollow. (Don’t miss the original post with 15 more reasons).

1. We hold public hearings for homeowners who want to make repairs or changes to their homes.

2. One Saturday we were all told to meet at the corner of Market and Patrick Streets to take a town photo.

3. During the blizzard last week, there was an organized snowball fight in our town park, Baker Park. I believe they met at the gazebo…


4. We had a parade about the British Stamp Act.

5. No, we’ve never had a hay bale maze set up in the middle of town. However they do haul out bales of hay during the High Wheel Race and close down all the streets. So basically the same idea.


6. Last month I sat listening to harp music in a beautiful historic church during Frederick’s Historic Houses of Worship Candlelight Tour. Harp music.

7. We have a town carillonour. He plays once a month in the bell tower in Baker Park and leaves the door open so you can climb the stairs and visit and watch him play.

8. Rory would sit for hours at the town book store. You could certainly do that at our independent book store, Curious Iguana. You’ll fall in love with the book collection first and then quickly find out the staff is just as lovely.

Are you ready to visit the real-life Stars Hollow?


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I'm a professional news writer in Frederick, Maryland. I blog at S.Y. Ciphers.

3 responses to “Eight (more) Reasons Frederick Is Just Like Stars Hollow”

  1. Lynn @ Smoke & Mirrors says :

    More Gilmore Girls!?!! I don’t like most TV, but I absolutely adored that show! YAY!!

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