When You Just Have to Get the Shot

We decided to venture out of the house after 30 inches of snow dropped on our city in fewer than 30 hours.

The day after was beautiful. We went for a walk to see Frederick covered in several feet of snow.

At one point, walking by Baker Park, I realized that at a certain spot there would be a shot of Frederick’s spires with a frozen Carroll Creek below. Unfortunately there was a barrier of snow in my way.

Not being that committed to this shot, we kept walking. Then I saw a small plowed path from the street right up to the creek. I followed it to the end and realized it opened up to just the right spot for that shot. As I walked back a man came out of his house and asked, “got that shot? I plowed that path just for it.”


Have I mentioned that I love living in Frederick?

The episode reminded me of another shot that I got when we were in Venice, which is full of great photo opps. We were in St. Mark’s square when I saw a many lying on the ground. He was in search of a perfect shot. He probably got it, too, because the puddle from the previous night’s flood offered a spectacular reflection of the basilica. Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of capturing him in action.

He is committed to the shot

Not that I can judge. Last month in Arizona, I was so invested in getting this shot of the red rocks that I risked falling in a pool (albeit heated, but I was fully clothed). Dedicated to the shot.

Bloggers, photographers and Instagrammers alike can relate. Sometimes you just need to get that shot.


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About Stephanie Y.

I'm a professional news writer in Frederick, Maryland. I blog at S.Y. Ciphers.

3 responses to “When You Just Have to Get the Shot”

  1. Liz Jacobs says :

    Yes! My most recent experience with this was laying on the wet grass in the back yard to take a photo of Wesley. Also at Mardi Gras your sister was squatting down in the middle of the street to take a picture and after I laughed at her she said “if I didn’t have on this white shirt I would be laying down!” Lol gotta get that shot!

  2. Made in Rome says :

    I know this feeling. Last week I was getting up before 6:00 on freezing days to take pictures of the sun rising over the NYC skyline. Totally worth it for the shot!

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