How to Have a Memorable Night in Venice

One night in Venice, fairly far from our hotel, we were eating dinner at a restaurant and heard a flood siren. The sirens in Venice don’t wail. They melodically hum. It’s quite creepy sounding.

Flooded sidewalk

For some reason we thought nothing of the siren and continued eating. When we looked up and saw that the whole restaurant had cleared out and noticed the staff looking at us impatiently we began to realize that we should take heed of that siren.

So we left the restaurant headed to the hotel roughly going to same way we came, only to be stopped by water lapping at our feet. There was a canal flooding the walkway and the way to the bridge we needed to cross.

Not a problem we thought, because in Venice there’s really no “main route” and there are multiple ways to get anywhere. We would just cross the canal on another bridge farther down.

Rising water

We headed that way only to be stopped by flooding again. Not quite panicking yet, we started walking faster almost jogging, to what we hoped would be another footbridge over the canal. I noticed that we had several groups of people following us at this point (perhaps because we walked so determinedly – but really it was blind leading the blind at this point). We found a bridge that was not flooded yet and crossed it and made our way quickly back toward St. Mark’s.

This adventure repeated itself several times until we got to a spot where there was no un-flooded option so we just had to wade in and through it. My husband and father in law took off their shoes and socks. My mother in law and I just went for it. It was fine at first. Only coming halfway up my shoes. And then it got deeper and deeper and my shoes and socks were submerged and waterlogged.

Shoes off? Bogdan and Vlad did.

Finally we reached a raised platform constructed just for situations such as these that eventually led us to San Marco. High above the flood now, we watched the Venice police wading in the water below us, wet up to the knees.

Up to the knees

We really should have paid attention to that siren.

But what an adventure we had instead.


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One response to “How to Have a Memorable Night in Venice”

  1. Wanda says :

    Great impressions! Good story! Thanks!

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