TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

Netflix is raising prices on its loyal customers. If you’re trying to decide (like us!) if it’s worth the extra couple of bucks, here are a few shows you can binge watch right now to get your money’s worth.

13 Shows to Watch

You’ll Want to Travel & Eat

Chef’s Table – This Netflix-produced show is much more than just fancy food. It’s a love affair with the stories behind some of the world’s greatest chefs and their restaurants. You will want to travel all around the world to dine with these talented and passionate people.

An Idiot Abroad – If you enjoy British humor you’ll love this show where an “idiot” literally travels abroad. Hilarity ensues. Very straight forward title.

Long Way Round (and Long Way Down) – Ewan McGregor gets on a motorcycle and drives it around the world. And in season 2 drives it down the world.

History Lessons You’ll Enjoy

Narcos – This Netflix show is a crash course in the drug wars of the 80s in Colombia. A little gruesome and edgy, but it’s a fun watch.

The Paradise – I’ve written about this show before, and it’s definitely worth a watch if you’re at all interested in how much the world changed at the cusp of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Maybe You’ve Never Heard Of…

Lie to Me – This was a solid show about a man who knows human behavior so well he can always spot liars. After a while the show format feels a bit repetitive, but it’s fun, interesting and unique.

If You Liked…

If you like any of these below, chances are you’ll like the others.

Gilmore Girls: Of course this is on my list (hello. and hello.), but it’s even more important to watch now (either again or for the first time) because the revival episodes will be on Netflix before we know it.

Friday Night Lights – The one thing these next three shows have in common is Jason Katims. Whether directing, writing, developing or producing, Jason’s hands were in all of these. If you’re at all into football, high school, drama, or Texas you may find yourself getting sucked in to this show.

Parenthood – If you loved the family drama and teenage tales in FNL, you’ll most likely enjoy Parenthood too. If you LOVE Lauren Graham you simply cannot miss this show.

About a Boy – Again, Jason Katims. But in this case it’s a much different show than the previous two as it’s a comedy. Starring Minnie Driver who plays the single (hippie) mother of a cute as-a-button boy who befriends his adult male neighbor. It’s sappy and fun.

Netflix-Produced Shows Worth Watching

House of Cards – Obviously.

Master of None – This show is good on so many levels. Funny, dorky, smart. If you’re an immigrant (or are close to any), you’ll appreciate the immigrants’ children episode. Major kudos goes to the diversity of the cast here. So refreshing.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – here’s the thing. Kimmy Schmidt is so. over. the. top. that I don’t know why I keep watching it. But I do. And I laugh out loud so much. This show is definitely not for everyone.

What shows did I miss? Tell me in the comments! Always looking for new shows.


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4 responses to “TV Shows to Watch on Netflix”

  1. Kerry M says :

    I don’t have any to add to your list, but I’m definitely adding some of these to my own–like Chef’s Table! How had I never heard of this? And is now a good time to admit to never having seen FNL?

    • Stephanie Y. says :

      Let me know what you think about Chef’s Table! We’re almost finished with the second season, but stretching it out so it will last longer! 🙂 I was late to FNL too, but got hooked!

  2. Katherine Nabity says :

    Loved Lie to Me and About a Boy. Added Narcos to my queue. I don’t subscribe to Netflix streaming, but their DVD service instead. Better for movies, but not as good for TV.

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