Stack of Seven Links: Take Action & Meet Our New Pup!

1) To become a citizen you have to wait 3-5 years living on a “green card” as a permanent resident. My husband is from Ukraine and before he became a citizen when we’d travel overseas he’d have to present his green card to come home to the U.S. People rarely worry about entering with a green card – you’re a permanent resident after all. That’s why I watched with horror this weekend as people who have gone through the lengthy immigration process, been approved, and have set up lives in the U.S. with jobs and families and homes and possessions were told they couldn’t come home because of a xenophobic executive order. We should all be outraged. If you want to let your legislators know that they need to take action now, you can send them this form letter (enter your contact info, it pre-populates the letter, and you press send). Call them tomorrow as well.

2) There’s a new family member in our house. Some say he looks like a bear cub, but he’s just a bouvier puppy that is the sweetest thing ever. Meet Balthasar. He’s on Instagram, @bouvierbalth, if you want to see lots of photos and videos of this fluffy boy growing up way too fast.


3) Speaking of puppies, one of my go-to dog sources is Whole Dog Journal. My boss recommended it to me and I love being a subscriber (which gives me access to the full archives on the web). We’re using WDJ-recommended dog food, probiotic, training tips, socialization plans, chews and rawhide. It’s been invaluable.

4) In yet another Frederick-is-Stars-Hollow turn of events, the local newspaper ran an article about my new book club at the Curious Iguana. Check it out!

5) Speaking of book clubs, Kerry recently took her Social Justice Book Club onto Slack and I’m loving the idea. If you’re not familiar with Slack, Kerry’s co-host Janani has a nice explainer here. So far it’s been nice to have one place to look for SJBC discussions (instead of searching the hashtag on Twitter, checking Kerry’s blog, seeing something on Litsy, etc.). Any other online book clubs using Slack?

6) The women’s march was last weekend and I love this deep dive by Washington Post about why a woman who is white, rural, and a lifelong republican attended the march in DC. Particularly interesting was this idea that Trump being elected forced her to ask herself some difficult questions. “One thing the election did for me is to empower me.” I wonder how many women have a similar story.

7) The health care association that I work for is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2017. As part of the celebration, I was tasked with designing and developing an entire new historical celebration site. I know it sounds odd to say that the website I created looks beautiful, but hear me out. We used Webflow to create the site, and its drag-and-drop interface makes creating stunning websites so much easier (and more pleasant!) than anything I’ve used in the past.


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2 responses to “Stack of Seven Links: Take Action & Meet Our New Pup!”

  1. Sharon says :

    Wow. A jam packed blog this time. I always enjoy reading your blog.

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