Picture + 100 Words: Living in a Puppy Video

DSC_4032 (1).JPGBefore we got a dog, we watched an embarrassing amount of youtube videos of puppies doing funny things. Like the chow in a bowl. The bouvier behind a wheelbarrow. The confused malamute. Once we got our puppy, we realized we were now living inside a youtube video. Everything Balthasar does is hilarious to us. The whining and whistling to wheedle us into giving him absolutely anything. The natural curiosity that has him staring down everything that moves. The muted barks as he dreams. The head tilts. He has become a constant source of entertainment. Maybe we need a youtube channel?

Note: He doesn’t have a youtube channel, but Balthasar is on Instagram if you’d like to follow his adventures: @bouvierbalth.


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About Stephanie Y.

I'm a professional news writer in Frederick, Maryland. I blog at S.Y. Ciphers.

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