About S.Y. Ciphers

DSC_7601My name is Stephanie Yamkovenko (S.Y.), and I am a professional news writer in Frederick, Maryland. I have reported for regional lifestyle magazines, national trade publications, weekly newspapers and many online publications. The S.Y. Ciphers blog came about as a result of my attention to details. Armed with my curiosity (as well as a notebook and pen), I tend to notice the small things in life and write about them.

On this blog you will read posts about those little discoveries I make. Although the posts will cover a wide variety of topics, expect to read about journalism, traveling, health care, photography, Frederick, books and more.

Where to start on the blog? Learn a few things about me here.

A Picture + 100 Words: I do this thing where I post a photo I’ve taken and describe it in fewer than 100 words. It’s a play on the whole a picture is worth 1,000 words – in my case you get both the picture and some words. Here’s the first one I did. Here’s a popular one of a picture from Venice.

Find more about my professional life at www.stephanieyamkovenko.com.

I would love to hear from you – contact me at s.yamkovenko at gmail dot com.

I’m on Twitter and Google+.

2 responses to “About S.Y. Ciphers”

  1. Vanda says :

    All right, girl. Good start. Wish you success on the road!

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