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Movies You Should Watch on Netflix Instant

One question my husband and I seem to ask consistently and regularly: should we keep subscribing to Netflix Instant? Admittedly, it’s not a huge cost per month but we’re always wondering whether we’re really getting our money’s worth.

In the spirit of giving for the holidays, the fact that people have time off this time of year, and just because I feel like being nice, I put together a list of movies that you should watch on Netflix Instant (if you haven’t seen them already!).

9-movies-netflix copy

1) Safety Not Guaranteed. We watched this on a plane and immediately were smitten. It’s just such a quirky and hilarious movie that makes you wonder and, well, believe. I’d call it a dram-edy.

2) Boy. Best.movie.I’ve.seen.all.year. Really. Amazing. So good that I bought the DVDs as gifts even though I know everyone could watch it on Netflix. You’ll be doing sweet Michael Jackson dance moves to woo your crushes in no time (who may or may not have a classy name like Chardonnay).

3) The Trip. Hilarious. Well, if you like British humor. This “mockumentary” is just a hoot. How can it go wrong? A foodie road trip across England. My husband and I still joke about this wine exchange:

Steve: Premier cru. I know that that means it’s good. Premier cru.

Rob: Premier means first, the best. Cru…. don’t know. Mystery. It’s a mystery. But that’s good. It’s good to have mystery.

Fun fact I just learned: there’s no credited writer for the movie as it was mostly done improv. Amazing.

4) The Way. We watched this movie right before we left for a trip to Santiago de Compostela. It was perfect timing. This movie will make you want to strap on a pair of hiking boots and hit the camino.

5) The Way Back. My husband’s Ukrainian. I love Russian literature. I’m a huge Solzhenitsyn fan. No wonder I absolutely enjoyed this tale of labor camp soldiers breaking free and walking through Siberia, the desert, and  the Himalayas to freedom. (I mean, seriously, couldn’t they have caught a break?).

6) Robot and Frank. Another movie we saw on a plane. A movie set in the slight future, an older man gets a robot caretaker from his adult children. And that’s when the fun begins.

7) In Bruges. I’m assuming you’ve already seen this? We had. But then we watched it again recently on Netflix and remembered why we liked it so much. Plus it’s set in Bruges. And, sorry, Colin, but I have to disagree. Bruges is most definitely not a sh!thole.

8) This is England. Looks like I might be an Anglophile. This is another British movie gem. This edgy punk rock movie is about a 12-year-old joining a rag-tag band of English skinheads.

9) The Killing Season. Ok, John Travolta’s “accent” is going to most likely drive you crazy, but this movie has so many twists and turns that you’ll find it hard to anticipate what happens next (which might distract you a little from that accent). After our trip to Croatia last year, I find myself more interested in learning about the Bosnian war, and you’ll get a little bit of that history lesson from the film.

I’m always looking for new films to watch on Netflix, so please share your favorites in the comments!